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Are your down pipes overflowing? Are your surface water drains backing up? If so it is quite possible you have a defective soakaway.
Soakaways are prone to blocking with silt and leaf debris entering the drain via the gutter system. Sometimes a soakaway can be jetted clean using high pressured water. This will sometimes restore the flow but isn’t always a permanent repair and can be only buying you time.

New Soakaway?

The size of a new soakaway is determined by a percolation test. This basically means we dig a small trial pit in the location of the new soakaway. Once dug to an average detph of 1500mm the excavation is filled with water and monitored to see how long it takes to drain away. The time taken for the water to drain determines how big or small the soakaway needs to be.
AAA Drainage are highly experienced in installing soakaways. We can install both plastic crate type soakaways as well as the traditional brick built honeycomb design.

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