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Got a septic tank problem?

The septic tank is a highly popular and traditional sewage treatment process for properties without a mains sewer connection.

By effectively separating solid and liquid waste whilst ensuring rain water cannot enter, they are able to manage levels by allowing liquids to safely seep into the surrounding earth via a soakaway or drainage field.

It’s a simple process, but is one that requires regular septic tank maintenance as well as possible septic tank repairs and replacement. AAA Drainage and our team of professional experts have extensive experience in dealing with all aspects of sewage treatment, not least septic tank problems and sewage treatment plant installation


We won’t let you down

If you’ve got a problem such as overflowing or clogging, or just need general septic tank maintenance you will no doubt be keen to get it fixed quickly. This could be caused by a fault in the tank, soakaway or by improper maintenance.

Regardless of the cause, AAA Drainage can help you to repair it promptly.

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