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High Pressure Jetting

Jetting involves the use of high pressure water jets to clear obstructions in household blocked pipes or local authority sewer systems. This is done without the need for abrasive or corrosive chemicals damaging to the environment.

High pressure jetting can almost completely remove accumulated grease, detergents, dirt and mineral deposits which can have built up within drainage systems over many years. Drain jetting can often be the most effective way of breaking up the blockage debris and washing it clear of the pipe.


Why use water jetting?

Over time, deposits such as grease, fat, and mineral scale build up on pipe walls. This material makes the wall rough, reducing the speed of the water it contains. As the water flow slows more materials are deposited worsening the situation.The high-pressure water spray acts like a sharp knife and cuts the grease off the walls of the pipe. The water used in the process itself creates a high water flow which will flush the sediments away.

Water jetting root removal

Water jetting can also be used to remove roots; this can be done by either using high-pressure water jets or hydro cutting equipment. Once the roots have been removed the pipe can then be lined to prevent the roots re-growing.

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