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Concrete blockage? Let us remove it!

A concrete blockage within drainage pipelines are unfortunately a very common problem. Previously this problem would be solved by excavating the affected pipe, which mean’t for a much bigger job and thus a bigger bill.

Thankfully now, concrete can be removed using the latest technology of robotic cutters. With an extremely powerful motor, used alongside diamond-tipped cutters, this allows AAA Drainage to mill out the concrete with absolute precision.

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Not only does this now mean that excavation is not the only option, this method requires far less intrusion which means the work can be carried out in shifts that suit the usage/flow of the pipeline network.

We use an extremely high powered, 10,000 psi jetting machine, for cutting through large lumps of concrete found in drains. This machine is guided with a CCTV drain camera and fires out water at such high pressure, it breaks the concrete up and flushes it down the line and can be pulled out of the drain.

The expert team at AAA Drainage will be glad to advise on swift solutions for any concrete blockage issues.

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